How does it work: Academic Writing

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Workshop English Academic Writing

SocioTrans, in cooperation with Crow's English Operations, offers a two-day workshop for up to 12 participants held at your institution.

The workshop is designed to help participants improve their academic writing skills. The target group is German-speaking academics who work in the social sciences and related fields. The number of participants is limited to 12 to enable practical exercises and allow the trainers to address the individual needs of each participant.

The workshop is conducted by two trainers: Stephan Elkins of SocioTrans and Dr. Kimberly Crow of Crow's English Operations. S. Elkins and K. Crow are native speakers of both English and German. Both have been trained in the social sciences and have many years of experience in research and teaching in the social science field.

Please contact us for an offer and course details. You will find our contact information here.