How does it work: Translation

Deutsche Version!


Step 1: Send the text

Please send a digitized version of the text to be translated either as an e-mail attachment or on any common data storage medium by postal mail to SocioTrans. Of course, a paper copy of the text will be accepted as well (however, in this case there will be an additional charge of 15 for digitizing the text if the order is placed).

In addition, please provide the following information:

  • when should the translation be available,
  • in which form should the translation be available (as an e-mail attachment, on a storage medium (disk, CD, DVD), as a paper copy),
  • a phone mumber where you can be contacted and a preferred time when you would like to be contacted in case there is a need for further consultation,
  • your postal address.

Step 2: Receive the quote

Upon receipt of your text and the above-mentioned information, a quote will be submitted shortly.

Step 3: Contractual agreement

If you accept the quote, a contract will be sent by mail or fax. The contract will specify the conditions agreed upon. It will typically include

  • the service to be provided,
  • the delivery date,
  • the form of delivery,
  • the price,
  • the date of payment.

Upon receipt of the signed contract, work will begin.

Step 4: Delivery and payment of the product

The product will be delivered according to the agreed upon conditions. Along with the product you will be billed. Please pay the bill within 14 days.